Builder Pattern

The intent of the Builder design pattern is to separate the construction of a complex object from its representation. By doing so the same construction process can create different representations.

Wikipedia: Builder Pattern


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class PizzaBuilder {
  String _crust;
  int _diameter;
  Set<String> _toppings;


  String get crust => _crust;
  set crust(String newCrust) {
    _crust = newCrust;

  int get diameter => _diameter;
  set diameter(int newDiameter) {
    _diameter = newDiameter;

  Set<String> get toppings => _toppings;
  set toppings(Set<String> newToppings) {
    _toppings = newToppings;

  void _ensureCheese() {

  Pizza build() {
    return Pizza(this);

class Pizza {
  String _crust;
  int _diameter;
  Set<String> _toppings;

  Pizza(PizzaBuilder builder) {
    _crust = builder.crust;
    _diameter = builder.diameter;
    _toppings = builder.toppings;

  String get crust => _crust;
  int get diameter => _diameter;
  String get toppings => _stringifiedToppings();
  String _stringifiedToppings() {
    var stringToppings = _toppings.join(", ");
    var lastComma = stringToppings.lastIndexOf(",");
    var replacement = ",".allMatches(stringToppings).length > 1 ? ", and" : " and";

    return stringToppings.replaceRange(lastComma, lastComma + 1, replacement);

  String toString() {
    return "A delicous $_diameter\" pizza with $_crust crust covered in $toppings";

void main() {
  // Create a handy PizzaBuilder with an 8" diameter.
  var pizzaBuilder = PizzaBuilder(8);

  // Add some attributes to the builder.
  pizzaBuilder.crust = "deep dish";
  pizzaBuilder.toppings = Set.from(["pepperoni"]);

  // Let's make a pizza!
  var plainPizza = Pizza(pizzaBuilder);
  print("Behold! $plainPizza.");
  assert(plainPizza.toString() == "A delicous 8\" pizza with deep dish crust covered in pepperoni and cheese");

  // Now to adjust some things for the next pizza...
  pizzaBuilder.crust = "gold plated";
  pizzaBuilder.diameter = 72;
  pizzaBuilder.toppings = Set.from(["anchovies", "caviar", "diamonds"]);

  // The beauty of the build is you can quickly iterate and produce instances of a class.
  // For example, we have an early employee of the latest unicorn in line. So much disposable income!
  // Also note, we use the .build() function of the builder this time.
  var luxuriousPizza =;
  print("Wow! $luxuriousPizza? Someone is rich!");
  assert(luxuriousPizza.toString() == "A delicous 72\" pizza with gold plated crust covered in anchovies, caviar, diamonds, and cheese");