Adapter Pattern

An adapter allows two incompatible interfaces to work together. This is the real-world definition for an adapter. Interfaces may be incompatible, but the inner functionality should suit the need. The adapter design pattern allows otherwise incompatible classes to work together by converting the interface of one class into an interface expected by the clients.

Wikipedia: Adapter Pattern


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const adapteeMessage = 'Adaptee#method was called';

class Adaptee {
  String method() {
    print('Adaptee#method is being called');

    return adapteeMessage;

abstract class Target {
  String call();

class Adapter implements Target {
  String call() {
    var adaptee = Adaptee();
    print('Adapter#call is being called');

    return adaptee.method();

void main() {
  var adapter = Adapter();
  var result =;

  assert(result == adapteeMessage);