Design Patterns in Dart

Welcome! The intent of this repo is to provide

  1. Examples for each of the 23 Gang of Four design patterns
  2. An introduction to the Dart programming language

Please see Getting Started for more information on how to run the examples.

Table of Contents

Behavioral Patterns


Structural Patterns

Getting Started

Each example has its own directory, inside which is a short readme and a sole Dart file. To run the example, make sure you have Dart installed and then just do

dart <example directory>/<example name>.dart

Take State, for example:

> dart state/state.dart

The light switch is off.
Toggling the light switch...
  Touching the Stateful...
  Handler of StatusOff is being called!
The light switch is on.

If you have any questions or see any issues, please feel free to file an issue.